Monday, July 28, 2014

August Mixtape

Half the festivals are done, ticked off, consigned to memory. To come I've got Reading and New Age. The latter offers a chance to see Patrons, Kutosis, Samoans, Cardiff alumni Radstewart and ex-Huish students The Darlingtons. Aside from relatively local bands, there's a chance to relive sixth-form college with Natives-'This Island' being my soundtrack to seemingly endless quantities of Spanish grammar revision. With regards to Reading, I don't think that I've been as excited for anything in my entire life. Having Paramore, Arctic Monkeys and Blink182 headline is like something dreams (or rather my childhood and adolescence) are made of. La Dispute, Neck Deep, A Day To Remember, Jimmy Eat World, Gnarwolves, Tonight Alive, The Wonder Years, The Story So Far...I'm going to be the walking embodiment of a fan girl in 25 days time.

As a summer special, have one of my favourite tracks from each of the Read-fest acts I'm most excited to see.

1. The Story So Far

2. The Wonder Years

3. Tonight Alive

4. Gnarwolves

5. Jimmy Eat World

6. A Day To Remember

7. Neck Deep

8. La Dispute

9. Blink182

10. Arctic Monkeys

11. Paramore

1 comment:

  1. This just introduced me to The Story So Far and The Wonder Years, which I now love. :) And the fact it includes Paramore's just an added bonus. :)